Letter to My Students

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

It feels so strange writing this letter. I promise you, the last time we were together, I had no idea that we would not all be back together at this point. I was taking a week of vacation and you were heading out for Spring Break.

Little did we know that this week we would not be back in our normal places. I trust that each of you are making wise desicions and follow common sense guidelines to avoid catching or transmitting the virus. I pray for all of you daily that God will protect you from the illness.

More importantly I am praying that this time as the “church scattered” is one where your faith is strengthened and does not become a opportunity for the evil one to distract you and lessen your desire to grow in your faith.

To help encourage and connect with you, I will be providing resources to help us stay connected as the church in a virtual format. This website is here to provide you with resources to enjoy while you are at home from school and away from your church family. I will be providing you with videos and other media to use on your own. I will also be hosting some live streaming events were we can connect. The home for all of these resources will be the Virtual 180 page. Look up at the menu bar at the top of this page and you will find a link to it. Starting tomorrow you will find the resources that I upload as well as any scheduled live streams.

I hope that you will take advantage of these resources and I look forward to interacting with you. More so, I look forward to being with you again in person.

By His grace,

Pastor Brett