World Changers 2021

After missing World Changers in 2020 we are excited to announce that we are scheduled to go and serve this coming summer.

Dates and Details

June 21-26
Open to Middle School & High School Students
Location: Ocala, Florida
Cost: $60 Deposit (Due before Jan. 15) + $220 Final Payment

July 9-17
Open to High School & College Students
Location: Huntington, West Virgina
Cost: $60 Deposit (Due before Jan. 15) + $249 Final Payment

Info Regarding Cost

  • If you payed a deposit last year and did not receive a refund, last year’s deposit will be applied to this trip.
  • If you did not pay a deposit last year or if you received a refund from last year, you will be required to pay a new deposit.
  • You have the opportunity to earn credit toward your Final Payment through serving during student fundraiser events.

Contact me if you have any question.