World Changers Sign-up

It is very important that students who are planning to attend one of the World Changers Mission trips officially sign up. Many of you already have a deposit on file. Some of you will need to get your $60 deposit turned in as soon as possible. January 15 is the deadline for us to reserve our number of spots.

I will have the master list below. If you need to sign up, you can use the contact form below and I will add your name:

Students Signed Up

Ocala, FL

  1. Bobby Border
  2. Landon Bryant
  3. Jesse Howerton
  4. Elisa Virkler


  1. Jenny Condo
  2. Joshua Farless
  3. CJ Howerton
  4. Hannah Loomis
  5. Alex San Miguel
  6. Jordan Morey
  7. Joshua Morey
  8. Joel Smith