World Changers Update

June 21-26
Open to Middle School & High School Students
Location: Ocala (Summerville), Florida

We will be lodging at Gracepoint Church and Academy. This small facility will meet the project needs and the local association will be bringing in a shower trailer and a portable bathroom trailer. The facility has lots of outdoor space with basketball courts and other amenities. Please keep in mind that this is a mission trip and not a summer camp. This is about serving Jesus and others.

July 9-17
Open to High School & College Students
Location: Huntington, West Virgina

Lodging updates will be given as soon as I receive them from the WC site coordinator.

Leaders & Students Signed Up

Ocala, FL

  1. Jarrett Williams (Leader)
  2. Laci Virkler (Leader)
  3. Priscila Capote (Assistant)
  4. Chloe Berlin
  5. Gabrielle Berlin
  6. Bobby Border
  7. Landon Bryant
  8. Jesse Howerton
  9. Logan Nelson
  10. Elisa Virkler

Waiting List

  1. ——-


  1. Traci Lee (Leader)
  2. Sherri Whidden (Leader)
  3. Josh Virkler (Leader)
  4. Tanner Lee (Asstistant)
  5. Andy Burch
  6. Priscila Capote
  7. Jenny Condo
  8. Joshua Farless
  9. Olivia Guerndt
  10. CJ Howerton
  11. Hannah Loomis
  12. Alex San Miguel
  13. Jordan Morey
  14. Joshua Morey
  15. Logan Nelson
  16. Joel Smith
  17. – Available Spot –
  18. – Available Spot –
  19. – Available Spot –
  20. – Available Spot –